Preventing more damage to your home!

When disaster strikes, you want to act quickly.

Whether water, fire or wind damage, JMI Construction Services prioritizes mitigation because it is so vital to preventing further damage to your home. Call us when fast action is necessary to protect your home and we will take care of you!

Mitigation Services

Northwest Arkansas water mitigation

It is imperitive to act quickly to reduce the chances of mold in your home, which is another problem of it’s own. After visible water is removed with pumps, we will prepare your home for drying out. What exactly is done here will vary according to where the flooding occured, but typically involves removing some drywall, baseboards and flooring to allow full removal of all dampness.

We use dry fans, dehumidifiers, and a variety of other tools to dry out your home quickly to prevent mold from growing. Sometimes these actions may seem drastic, but mold and mildew will spread quickly if you dry your home slowly.

Once your home is dry, our construction team can put your home back together. If you need to replace flooring, cabinets or other fixtures and were considering an upgrade, now is an excellent time to do just that.